Greek Food

Hi everone! So i have been busy with my family lately.Today I had Greek food.Have you ever had Greek food before?If you did write back and tell me who you had it with!

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Lil Poison and Lil Italy, a fun day in NYC

Today I went on a very cool trip to NYC.
My mommy takes me all the time, it’s usually just us. Today, Ella and BB joined us. First we went to see a movie about this cool kid, Lil Poison, he is a a video game genius. It was playing at the Latino Film Festival. I enjoyed it very much. Before the movie started we ate at Burritoville. I had soup, but it was too spicy for me! After the movie we went to Chinatown and had bubble tea. It’s one of my favorite places. Sometimes we get ice cream too. Ella, wanted to get some pastry and dinner in Little Italy. We brought some back to my Auntie Michelle. I ate ravioli with butter and cheese at Vincents Italian Restaurant. It was tasty and delicious! On the way to all these places we found some interesting people and things to take pictures of. These boys with cool sunglasses who happen to come from Italy, took a photo with me. It was a five thumbs up trip! Keep on buzzzzzzing…..

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Who’s the coolest person you know?

My Aunt Lisa (who I like to call BB), is in the hospital. She needed suregery. I am happy to report she is doing well. I just can’t wait until she gets home so I can take care of her. If you were in my 5th grade class, you would know how much I admire her. You would hear me say  “She is one of the coolest people I know”. Who is the coolest person you know? Keep on Buzzzzing!!!

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What Kind Of Music Is Buzzing In Your Ear?

Hello everyone, Thank you for the comments. Tonight I am going to share what music I am listening to and would love to know what everyone else is into right now. California Gurls by Katy Perry is one of my favorites.  Lady Gaga’s – Telephone is really good. So what are you guys listening to? Keep on buzzzing….

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Hey, I’m Starr. I started this blog so my friends and family can keep up with all of my activities during summer vacation. I will be blogging each day about all the cool things that interest me. I enjoy listening to Lady Gaga, Fashion Design, days in NYC, hanging out with my Aunties, my new little cousin, swimming with my mom and hanging out with my very energetic, fun father. Summers are very special to me because I get to see my two best friends all the time, Krissy and Tashy. We make movies, dance rountines, crafts, and basically never want the summer to end. I hope you enjoy my blog and leave comments. My mom loves photography, so there are always going to be new photos up! I am as busy as a buzzing lil bee! Keep on buzzzzzzzzing!!!

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